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[testimonial_slide author=”Marty Miller | Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles”]AlFa Logics was an excellent partner in our new hospital construction. Throughout the process, they were highly professional and detailed. Their project management methodology was excellent and the technical resources that they brought were outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for any project.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Don Kapp | AMGEN”]We have been working with AlFa Logics on various projects. They get it, not only are they great at all the IT aspects, they understand the business side of a program. From the financial, to reporting to schedule. Their teams have been exceptional and separate themselves from what we’ve seen from competitors.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Steve Brooks | REI”]AlFa Logics was an invaluable partner for REI. Their expertise, performance and technical resources were exceptional. I would recommend using them and would hire them again for future projects.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Ivan Perez | Extron Electronics”]Working with AlFa Logics has been one of the best decisions we could have made. Their expertise in technology and managing large construction projects has proven an invaluable aid to our success. They are very responsive and great people to work with. I highly recommend.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Chris Chiancone | City of McKinney, Texas”]AlFa Logics helped my organization develop our PMO office, negotiate pricing and service levels for solutions, move our data center, and complete nearly 60 projects in the past year; all during an IT transformation yielding staffing, economic, and other business processes challenges. AlFa Logics worked through these challenges to consistently deliver projects on time and budget.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Carmella Cassetta | Corinthian Colleges”]I have worked with AlFa Logics over the past 5 years for several key projects. I have been very pleased with the services provided and would recommend them. The technical teams are excellent and the project/program managers provided were strong as well. Project designs were well implemented and overall our projects delivered the expected results.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Don Kapp | AMGEN”]I highly recommend them. Engaging AlFa Logics and expanding their role has been critical to our programs success. We look forward to continuing with them on our North America and Europe upgrades.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Chris Chiancone | City of McKinney, Texas”]AlFa Logics is a dynamic and feature rich company, which works with the customer to deliver high-quality services tailored to your organizational practices and specific business needs. From conception through completion, AlFa Logics offers a professional business presence that works well with within all levels of staffing and management.[/testimonial_slide]