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    [fancy_header type=”2″ subtitle=”SMALL CHARGE FOR A MASSIVE PLATFORM”]HOW MUCH DO WE CHARGE?[/fancy_header]

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    [plan name=”Business Platform” link=”” linkname=”Sign Up” price=”$99″ per=”per workstation / per month”]

    • Technology Consultation
    • 30GB Linux Cloud Server
    • Email, Chat Support M-F; 9am-11pm
    • Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android Compatible
    • Email Business Grade
    • Smart Calendars Shared in Network
    • Contacts Directory Synchronized in Network
    • Collaborative Docs, Sheets, Slides and More
    • Conference Meetings Video, Voice and Text
    • Training and in-depth Documentation
    • Ad-Blocking Protection
    • Virtual Remote Desktop
    • Password Vault Manager
    • Workstation Partition Browser Profile


    [plan name=”Enterprise Platform” link=”” linkname=”Sign Up” price=”$199″ per=”per workstation / per month” featured=”true”]

    • Everything in Business Platform
    • 100GB Linux Cloud Server
    • Phone, Remote Support M-F; 9am-11pm
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
    • Security Encryption Protocol
    • Audit Reviewing
    • VoIP Phone Business Line
    • Departmental Group Permissions
    • Workstation Activity Logging
    • Virus, Malware and Ransomware Protection
    • Business Courses with Certification
    • ID Theft and Fraud Detection


    [plan name=”Corporate Platform” link=”” linkname=”Sign Up” price=”$299″ per=”per workstation / per month”]

    • Everything in Enterprise Platform
    • 1TB Linux Cloud Server
    • On-site Support M-F; 9am-11pm
    • Feature Tailored Configuration
    • Data Retention When Deleted
    • Customer Relation Management System
    • Synchronized Terminals
    • Location Logging
    • Corporate Architecture Customized
    • Virtual Private Network Protection
    • Law Firm on Call
    • Project Management Infrastrucure


    [plan name=”Workstation Migration” link=”” linkname=”Sign Up” price=”$699″ per=”per workstation”]

    • Technology Consultation
    • Linux Cloud Server Transmission
    • On-site, Phone, Remote, Email, Chat Support
    • 8 Business Hour Turnaround Assistance
    • Multiplatform Custom Integration
    • Systematic Transition
    • High Capacity Bandwith
    • 99% Guarantee Email, Calendar, Contact
    • Application Suite Installation
    • 30 Day Transfer Guarantee
    • Heavy Duty Business Workstation
    • Payment Processing Gateway