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Business Advisory

Business Advisory Services for Your Institution

AlFa Logics brings insight and guidance to aide clients in better understanding the market dynamics and challenges they face in this ever evolving time of technological change and transformation. Cutting edge and nimble companies must be positioned to quickly and effectively address changes to best meet the needs of the clients and customers while improving operational effectiveness and maintaining the current needs of the organization.

Increasing business outcomes, identifying risks and creating value added services are key areas of focus for our BAS group. Our professionals have expertise in information technology advisory services and work with a diverse spectrum of leading organizations enabling them to innovate, leverage, evaluate existing processes/services, evaluate IT investments, and manage organizational risk.
[fancy_header]Areas of Specialization[/fancy_header]

  • ERP Assessment
  • ERP Package Assessment
  • ERP Package Selection
  • ERP Optimization
  • IRFS Assessment
  • Cloud Assessments
  • DRP/BCP Assessment
  • Turnaround Services
  • CRM Assessment
  • CRM Package Assessment
  • CRM Package Selection