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Businesses large and small have come to the forefront of utilizing Cloud Computing. Determining the best direction for each client’s specific Cloud Computing needs can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the placement of applications, as this is one of the most onerous components of planning. Clients come to us for a vendor agnostic, technical and practical, approach to defining cloud strategy in order to decide between a pubic cloud, a private cloud, a hybrid cloud approach; coupled with balancing budgets and costs, the current organizational infrastructure needs, and the projected future needs of the business.

By maximizing the details behind the Application and Infrastructure Cloud providers, AlFa Logics can make your transition an easy one and can assist you in navigating the challenges of transitioning to “the cloud” and bring to you the benefits of implementing new technology rapidly and effectively.
[fancy_header]Cloud Computing Benefits[/fancy_header]

  • Utilize computational power and rack space from a third-party service providers lowering demand for additional servers in your data center
  • Reduce the amount of applications deployed in your data centers by using SaaS providers
  • Reducing operating expenses by lowering the consumption of electricity making your server footprint smaller

[fancy_header]Cloud Computing Considerations[/fancy_header]

  • Consider the key characteristics of private, public, and hybrid clouds
  • Standards affecting cloud computing implementation options
  • Integration of cloud computing into existing infrastructure and processes
  • Selecting which cloud deployment option is needed by your organization
  • Providing estimated costs of private versus public cloud deployments