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Artificial Intelligence Increasing Productivity – Part 1

Smarter Storage

Second only to wrestling with their inboxes, searching for and gathering information is a top drain on employees’ time. In fact, up to a full day per week can be spent on this alone. Quick Access in cloud storage on Android and iOS will make the most relevant files to the work you’re doing easily accessible — right at your fingertips when you open cloud storage. Based on signals like your interaction with colleagues, recurring meetings and activity in cloud storage, machine intelligence helps Cloud Storage understand the rhythm of your workday and offers the files you need before you even ask. It uses machine learning to intelligently predict the files you need before you’ve even typed anything. Our customer research shows that Quick Access saves about 50% of the time an employee would usually spend finding a file.

How is Machine Learning evolving?

Smarter scheduling

Finding time to meet with colleagues can be hard, especially when the list of people and locations you’re coordinating starts to grow. AlFa Calendar uses machine intelligence to help you easily find a time when invitees are free, and it also suggests available rooms based on your previous bookings. And, when the list of invitees grows long and no times are available, AlFa Calendar will suggest times across the group where the conflicts are easiest to resolve, such as recurring 1:1 meetings.

Smarter spreadsheets

A year ago we launched Explore in AlFa Sheets to help you summarize your spreadsheet data with automated charts and insights. But, many users might not experience the full value of spreadsheets because they can’t write formulas. This is a case of the computer requiring you to speak its language. Machine intelligence turns this upside down, so now the computer understands your language. You can simply enter your question using natural language and Explore in AlFa Sheets will use Natural Language Processing to translate your question into a formula and offer an instant answer.

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