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Artificial Intelligence Increasing Productivity – Part 2

From the beginning our suite was built on the idea that when people can work together easily from anywhere, they accomplish more. Machine intelligence has been improving the user experience in our apps for a decade, and the pace is accelerating. These updates to AlFa Suite help employees take back the time they spend on repetitive tasks and help teams break down silos and connect even when they can’t be in the same place. With our focus on machine intelligence and our commitment to transforming the workplace, there’s much more to come.

Smarter documents

In 2012, we launched a research capability in AlFa Docs that brought the power of AlFa Logics’ search engine right into your document. Today, we’re adding Explore in AlFa Docs with machine intelligence to automatically recommend related topics to learn about, images to insert and more content to discover. You can even use Explore in AlFa Docs to find a related document from Cloud Storage, so you spend less time switching between apps and more time polishing your ideas.

Smarter presentations

Turning your inspiration into a presentation can be a lot of work. Often, employees spend more time formatting slides than thinking creatively about the story they want to tell. Now, as you add content to your presentation, Explore in AlFa Slides dynamically offers layout suggestions that help your content shine. We’ve seen that people save over 30% of the time they would have spent on formatting when they used this capability. In just a couple of clicks, you’ll have slides so polished people will think you’re a professional graphic designer.

The best thing about these intelligent features is that they’ll continue to learn and improve over time the more they’re used, and save you even more time tomorrow than they save you today. You can apply this time to strategic planning, creative thinking and collaborative work with your team.

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