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Research shows that each week we spend the equivalent of three work days on common tasks like emailing, scheduling and attending meetings and gathering information, and only two work days on the role we were hired for. Repetitive, mechanical tasks that take up our time are exactly the kinds of tasks that computers are great at, and advances in machine intelligence help make this a reality. Today we’re launching new capabilities across AlFa Suite to help employees reclaim their time and come together as teams on strategic and creative projects so they can better serve their customers.

AlFa Logics has been driving machine intelligence research, and the same underlying principles that Machine Learning Intelligence uses to beat the world Go champion earlier this year is also powering more than one hundred product efforts, from instant translation to photo recognition, across AlFa Logics. A year ago, Smart Reply launched, offering auto-generated replies for emails that only need a quick response. Now, more than 10% of all replies on mobile are sent using Smart Reply. The reception has been so strong that we’re continuing to apply machine intelligence across our suite to solve customer problems.

Call us today to learn how we can make your company far more efficient using Machine Intelligence (626) 408-AlFa [2532]

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