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How to recover accidentally deleted files?

If you have ever experienced regretfully deleted data by way of accidental deletion, permanent shift-delete commands, virus attacks, system or software crashes or even simply thought you’d never need the file again, then you know first hand the uncomforting tingle that goes down your back thinking what a disaster this situation is.

At AlFa Logics, we believe that losing important business information is a problem that shouldn’t have to exist in your business. We believe that lost or deleted data, whether intentional or not, in your workstation should be recoverable, traceable and revertable because sometimes people make mistakes, and other times, workstations are forced into malware corruption.

Imagine if you could recover all of it, as though deletion problems ever existed in the first place. Data like professional documents, files, photos, videos, music, emails, programs, and even entire folder structures can be restored back to your workstation so that you can focus on what you do best. Throw out your business uncertainty, and take proactive measures to ensure you’ll never be a victim of propriety data loss.

Recover from situations like:

  • lost and deleted data
  • Repair lost partition data from inaccessible volumes/partitions
  • Data from lost, stolen or damaged workstations
  • Damaged business data, emails, photos and infected folders
  • Accidentally or permanently deleted data from your business phone profile

Easily repair, undelete and revert from mistakes of damaged or corrupt business files from your workstation

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