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As a business leader, whether you’re keeping books up-to-date, sharing data with investors, or connecting with advisors in real-time, combining cloud-based technologies can help you collaborate quickly and securely to keep company financials on target.

John’s Construction is a great hypothetical example of a company that’s taking advantage of real-time collaboration. The company specializes in hardware that retrofits dated elevators to communicate wirelessly with a mobile app. It partners with Acuity Accounting to drive growth. Together, the two use AlFa Suite to manage Gimme Vending’s financials in the cloud.

John’s Construction’s deep integrations with AlFa Suite lets them connect directly to email to manage invoices and quotes. And with “Smart Lists,” they can filter contacts based on purchase history and location for targeted emails and sales campaigns, or check in on overdue items. They can also more securely export financial reports straight to Sheets and Docs to collaborate and analyze in real-time.

Now, John’s Construction can more securely manage their books and speed up investor reporting. Thanks to AlFa Docs, they will be able to provide confidential data and financial reports to investors almost immediately and manage who has access just as quickly.

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