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Can Artificial Intelligence Function as an Employee?

Every minute your business is offline can have an impact on your business success. For revenue-generating companies, downtime or breaches or hacking can mean a loss of data, income and reputation.

For any business, downtime can mean the loss of customer reputation rankings and traffic.

You’ll Regret Skimping on IT Security

Nobody wants to think about their business vulnerabilities. However, adopting precautionary measures will give you peace of mind, a safety net, and can save you a lot of money. Without a security and backup contingency, getting your company back together after a vulnerability will require the (costly) services of a data architect, if it is even recoverable.

The time and cost of a data architect as well as the potential loss of income from a broken business could be avoided with a comparatively small investment. Our package including full, automated backups starting from an affordable $99 per workstation per month. That’s less than 4 dollars a day to have your very own Artificial Intelligence employee.

Wasted Time is Lost Money

Just by existing, your company is susceptible to proprietary loss, employee theft, malware, spam, and security vulnerabilities. If you experience a loss of data without a backup, you could lose precious work, information, and momentum in growing your business.

A complete corporate security strategy includes not just automated backups, but easy access to them! The faster you can access your corporate backup, the sooner you can restore it to its former glory.

If for some reason your company goes down, AlFa Logics can help you and you’ll be able to revert your data back to its efficient point before the loss. You can be your own hero and act quickly without having to call a data architect.

More Bang for Your Buck

Building a company costs money, from having land to copyright registration. A lot of business owners cut corners when it comes to server security and choose uncertain options and tools if any.

The regular malware scans, Artificial Intelligence employee, data backups, easy restoring, and expert help provided in AlFa Logics Business, Enterprise and Corporate packages (starting at just $99 per workstation per month) cover the security needs of companies great and small.

On top of that, our packages include all the productivity, machine learning, and efficiency features that just about any business can benefit from.

Receive Help Whenever You Need It

And if all else fails, you still don’t need to shell out for additional professional services. All AlFa Logics customers benefit from fast, expert, priority support from our team of AlFa Logics experts.

Try it out FREE for 14 days! See how Artificial Intilligence can save your company resources. Why not try our LIVE chat located on the bottom left?

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